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Experience and Services

Douglas E. Duckett, Esq.

Experience in Human Resources and Labor Relations

  • Nearly 24 years as human resources director for Ohio’s eighth largest county and chief negotiator for 15 bargaining units.
  • Nearly five years as a city human resources manager and in-house labor attorney.
  • 40 years experience as a labor and employment lawyer.
  • Served as President of both the National Public Employer Labor Relations Association and the Ohio Public Employer Labor Relations Association, NPELRA’s Ohio chapter.
  • Frequent lecturer and trainer in NPELRA’s Labor Relations Academy, a national professional certification program in public-sector labor relations.
  • Conducted scores of internal investigations relating to employment misconduct and discrimination.
  • Nationally recognized trainer and speaker on human resources and labor relations topic.

Training and Legal Services

My practice now focuses on teaching and training of management and employees on employment-related issues—a form of preventative practice of law. Topics include:

  • Preventing sexual harassment and other forms of discrimination and inappropriate behavior.
  • Correcting employee performance (from informal coaching to documented discipline, all the way to termination) in a manner that is defensible under civil service and union contract procedures.
  • Dealing with problem and toxic employees.
  • How to effectively manage public-sector agencies in a unionized environment.
  • Conducting effective performance evaluations.
  • How employee free expression and social media intersect with First Amendment protections.
  • How to conduct internal investigations of employment-related issues.
  • Consulting with employers on how to address workplace problems, conflicts, or disciplinary issues.
  • One-on-one coaching of employees with performance issues to achieve needed changes in performance.
  • In addition, I have served as a hearing officer in disciplinary matters and as an expert witness in cases involving human resources and labor relations issues.


Douglas E. Duckett, Esq.

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