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Experience and Services

Douglas E. Duckett, Esq.

Experience in Human Resources and Labor Relations

  • Over 23 years as human resources director for Ohio’s eighth largest county and chief negotiator for 15 bargaining units. Currently work as a city human resources manager.
  • Thirty years’ experience as a labor and employment lawyer.
  • Nationally recognized trainer and speaker on human resources and labor relations topic.
  • Served as President of both the National Public Employer Labor Relations Association and the Ohio Public Employer Labor Relations Association, NPELRA’s Ohio chapter.
  • Frequent lecturer and trainer in NPELRA’s Labor Relations Academy, a national professional certification program in public-sector labor relations.


Legal Services for Public and Private-Sector Employers: (click to view)
  • Collective bargaining for public-sector employers.
  • Investigations of possible employee misconduct or discrimination issues.
  • Serving as hearing officer in pre-disciplinary hearings or grievance hearings.
  • Advising on disciplinary cases, including civil-service appeals and arbitrations.
  • Mediation services.
  • Representing employers in grievances and arbitrations and civil-service appeals.
Training for your Managers, Supervisors, and Employees: (click to view)
  • Dealing with problem and dysfunctional employees. I have spoken on this topic in nine states and NPELRA’s Annual Training Conference.
  • Effective and defensible discipline of employees under civil service law and union contacts.
  • Collective bargaining strategies and planning.
  • Preparing for possible unionization drives.
  • Sexual harassment prevention — both for managers and supervisors and for line-level employees.
  • Other topics in public-sector human resources and labor relations.


Douglas E. Duckett, Esq.

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